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  • Getting a Good Credit Score!

    Did you ever ask yourself What’s a good credit score? If you will ask for a copy of your credit statement, you will see there a score rating your credit history. This score can determine whether or not lenders will give you the loan or credit that you want because it gives them an evaluation of your ability to repay. Usually, a good credit score is as high as you can get.

    When you look at your credit report you probably want to know if your rating is good enough. There are various methods to calculate the credit score, for each credit bureau but it doesn’t really matter. What’s important is the combination they make with your credit history, and that’s how the lenders know if you owe money and if you have a good score. The scores vary from 350 - 650, so if you have a low score, then you will most likely want to raise your score, but how?

    If you take the mortgage industry as an example, a good credit score is about 650. If you much less than that, you don’t have much chance in buying a house. If you ask professional for an advice, they will tell you to pay your bills in time an cover your debts and that’s how you will get a good credit score. But that’s not very useful for you….

    You probably never thought if this, but if you apply too many times for a credit, it does affect your credit score. In your credit report you will find the names of the people who have asked to see your credit report, so if you have a lot of names in this section it can be bad for your credit score. Don’t get confused by the numbers: a high score is not good! The lower the better! There is also possibility that your score will be different from one credit bureau to another, it depends on the different creditors that deal with each one.

    If you move around and change your address too much it can also affect your score. Even if you paid your bills on time and are capable of repaying the loan, you may want to consider raising your credit score. Moving a lot may look like you have trouble in paying the rent, and that’s why it’s not good for your score.

    So, when you look at your credit score, you should bear in mind all of the factors that are to be considered: all the bills, the number of times you paid late. So, now that you know the factors, the next time you request to see your credit report, you will be happy to see the score and hopefully you will not have to ask for a bad credit personal loan.